Data Science Outreach

Truman State University’s Data Science Outreach introduces inquiring students, teachers, parents, administrators, and all interested people to the world of data science.

What is data science?

Data scientists study and analyze vast amounts of data, sharing their conclusions to impact real-world decisions. It is a fast-growing, well-paid career.

Curriculum Workshops

Data science promotes curiosity and provides context. Our workshops will demonstrate how to incorporate data science into math content already being taught and allow teachers to explore ways to add data science into their own curriculum.

Data science posters

Posters for Your Classroom

Request a free data visualization poster to display in your school or classroom. Posters will include a handout with further engagement ideas.

Degree Programs at Truman

Truman offers online graduate programs that include the Data Science Graduate Certificate and the Master of Science in Data Science and Analytic Storytelling. As well as a specialized Data Science track within the Bachelor of Science in Statistics, and an undergraduate certificate in Business Analytics.